AppleMC Update Log #4

May 26, 2022

Hello Everyone,

I've been extremely busy and I am now finally back to updating AppleMC!
Thank you all for your patience whilst we continue to grow the Network.. we have some exciting new things coming. This post will explain all the recent changes and what is to come.

Minor Changes, Updates & Fixes (Since April)

  • We now have our support email for discord appeals. [email protected]
  • Kiwi was promoted to senior moderator, now administrator/developer.
  • Media applications have been added to our Discord server.
  • We have released an official development roadmap on our Discord server.
  • Peach Realm has been renamed to Banana Realm.
  • Made multiple Apple Realm improvements both internally and cosmetically.
  • Switched to a new moderation system on our Discord server.
  • Fixed multiple issues with our lifesteal core to ensure it runs smoothly.
  • Applied general improvements internally and cosmetically to our Banana Realm.
  • Hannah has been hired as a senior moderator.
  • Changed the difficulty on all realms to hard mode.
  • You now get 5 minutes of fly time per vote across the network.
  • Released our melon 2.0 realm. With many improvements and changes.
  • Hired MrMacaw.
  • Hired Jcson as moderator.
  • Fixed many issues with mob stacking and overall improved it.
  • Introduced many new features to our Melon Realm.
  • Revamped our punishment system.
  • Setup our new claiming system on Melon 2.0.
  • Introduced our brand new battlepass system.
  • Added minions to our melon realm.
  • Reconfigured our combat system and made general improvements.
  • Fixed many issues over-time with our new claiming system.
  • Hired winston as administrator and events manager.
  • Finally, began doing our weekly events!
  • General improvements to our Discord design and ticketing system.
  • Added lifesteal rules to our website.
  • Added back our old melon realm shop.
  • Created our official lands guide for our melon realm on the website.
  • Added live kill leaderboards to all realms.
  • Added new chat games to our melon realm.
  • Added our new server to discord chat function.
  • Made some rule updates and changes and introduced some new rules.
  • Made many general improvements to all realms.

Banana Realm Release

This is the newest addition to AppleMC and has been extremely successful!

What is lifesteal? Lifesteal is a world mainly focused on PvP and survival, when you die you lose a heart and when you kill someone you get an extra heart. When you lose all your hearts you are banned from the game mode for a certain amount of hours.


  • Coin Currency
  • Custom Spawn
  • Daily Rewards
  • Jobs & Quests
  • Clans
  • Pinata Party
  • Auction House
  • Crates
  • Coinflips
  • Shop
  • 10x10k World

and so much more for you to discover! We are very happy with the turnout and hope you love lifesteal!

Melon Realm 2.0 Release

Due to some issues we sadly had to reset our Melon Realm..
However, we're happy to say it's thriving and we love the new updates!


  • Lands Claims
  • Custom Spawn
  • Daily Rewards
  • Jobs & Quests
  • Bounties
  • Pinata Party
  • Auction House
  • Crates
  • Coinflips
  • Shop
  • BattlePass

and so much more to discover for yourself!

AppleMC Now Supports Java, Bedrock & Cracked!

You can now connect to AppleMC using cracked accounts!
This has helped us grow our community immensely, welcome our new players!

We have plenty of security checks in place, so it's most definitely safe!


  1. Premium players both bedrock and java are logged in automatically!
  2. Cracked players are required to /register & /login
  3. Cracked players are unable to use any premium names.
  4. We have limited the amount of cracked accounts which can connect from an IP Address.

Top Voters & Boosting Rewards

This is a feature that many of you have wanted and we are happy to bring this to our Network!

Booster Rewards

  1. Booster Tag
  2. Booster Kit
  3. Booster Glow

Top Voter Rewards

  1. $20 Store Voucher
  2. $15 Store Voucher
  3. $10 Store Voucher

Player Of The Month (APRIL)


Gamey has been very active and provides helpful feedback to our team to ensure we improve the server as much as we can. They've also shown to welcome new members and have been friendly within the community.

Player Of The Month & Top Voters (MAY)

Congratulations to Filipino Geography Guy on Player Of The Month!

Congratulations to our Top Voters;
1. Pog3000

2. Goosearenice14

3. org333

Please, player of the month and top voters create a ticket on our Discord server.
Congrats Again!

Staff Of The Month (MAY)

Congratulations to our Staff Of The Month, iKeeWee.

They have been extremely dedicated to providing our players with a smooth server to play, and we're very happy to have them on our team.

Kiwi has been one of the leads on our development team alongside me and the server would not be where it is today without him. Congratulations, and well earned!

So What Next?

We have many many many updates planned for you all, our community is growing so much! We are thankful to all our amazing members.

  1. Cosmetic Update
  2. Pets Update
  3. Custom Enchant Update
  4. Farming Update
  5. Live Map Update
  6. Mining Update
  7. Playtime Update
  8. Hats & Masks Update
  9. Fishing Update
  10. Envoys & Meteorites Update
  11. Hide & Seek Update

We're also planning so many general improvements and fun events.. stay tuned!