AppleMC Lands Guide

May 22, 2022

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to the Official Lands Guide for our Melon Realm!
This Realm has recently been updated with a ton of new features..

This post will explain how our new claiming system works.
If you need any further help contact our team on

Getting Started

Firstly, you need to create your land to begin..
You can do so with the /lands create command.

Like our old system, if you want to specify an exact size for your claim you can use;
/lands selection and use left and right click to do so.

The /lands claim command will automatically claim the chunk you are standing in which is much easier!

You can manage your land with the /lands menu command.

Trusting & UnTrusting Players

You can let your friends live with you or have access to your claim.

You can do this with /lands trust name and remove them with /lands untrust name.

Toggling Permissions

Permissions are a great new system for our claiming.
You can allow and disallow certain permissions for your land members.

  • First, run the command /lands.
  • Select the roles item.
  • Open the role settings menu.
  • Configure to your liking.

You can also promote and demote players through different ranks on your land.

  • First, run the command /lands.
  • Click on the players item.
  • Use left click to promote and right click to demote a player.


The following list are the commands you may need to begin and manage your land.

  • /lands
  • /lands help
  • /lands claim
  • /lands create
  • /lands merge
  • /lands accept
  • /lands chat
  • /lands delete
  • /lands deny
  • /lands deposit
  • /lands edit
  • /lands invites
  • /lands map
  • /lands menu
  • /lands rename
  • /lands selection
  • /lands setrole
  • /lands setspawn
  • /lands spawn
  • /lands top
  • /lands trust
  • /lands untrust
  • /lands unclaim
  • /lands unclaimall
  • /lands view
  • /lands withdraw

Require Further Support?

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