AppleMC Update Log #3

Apr 17, 2022

Hello Beautiful People!

Welcome to the newest AppleMC Update Log, we have a very exciting week!
Below you'll find our new features, changes, bug fixes and more..

Thank you for your continued support on AppleMC <3

This Weeks Fixes, New Features & Changes

  • Bunch of new Discord emojis were added to our Discord this week.
  • We welcomed our Senior Moderator Doggy & Helper Akky to the Team this week.
  • Members will now receive 10 minutes fly-time when connecting each day.
  • We released our brand new tags system, over 100 tags to choose from!
  • Fixed many issues with our daily rewards system and added new rewards!
  • You can no longer set playerwarps in claims or pvp arena.
  • We updated our pvp arena to an amazing new build and fixes all those bugs!
  • Introduced a completely new combat system, much improved.
  • We updated our website rules, found at
  • We finally released ChestShops AND our Trading System!!!
  • Updated crate rewards and made some overall fixes to Crates <3
  • Made many many general improvements to Melon Realm.
  • Updated the kits and /kit menu, as requested <3
  • Brand new jobs system has been introduced, we love it!
  • You now get 500 claimblocks each hour you're playing.
  • PvP Arena is now always clear weather and always day-time.
  • All ranks now have each permission listed on the store, no more bugs!

ChestShops & Trading System

This was a feature heavily requested by many and we finally added it!
You can now make your own shop and safely trade with other players <3

The PvP Update

Another highly requested update, that we've finally brought to our amazing players!
You can now pvp in a beautiful new arena and we've fixed all those bugs for you!

Bug Fixes:

  • You can now use pearls in the arena.
  • You can no longer tpa out, in, sethomes or set playerwarps.
  • You can no longer fly in the arena.
  • You now have night vision in the arena.
  • The arena is now always day and always clear weather.
  • You can now pick up items from players that die.
  • Combat logging has now been fixed and improved.


Last but now least, our amazing new hub update..
Featuring a new build, new design, many improvements and more!

Check out the screenshots below <3

Thank you all again for your support, stay tuned for next weeks update!