AppleMC Update Log #2

Apr 10, 2022

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to this weeks Update Log, the second one so far!
We have so much stuff changing and new updates coming, it's amazing.

Let's get started..

  • Fixed player warp GUI being extremely slow. Also completely re-designed it.
You can now purchase sponsored playerwarp slots!
  • Back by popular demand, the pinata now gives everyone a party key on death.
  • The /kit claim has been added to easily get yourself a claiming tool.
  • Replaced playtime levels with our daily rewards system.
  • All servers now restart every 12 hours, to ensure a smooth gameplay experience.
  • Brand new tab, scoreboard and rank designs, we personally love them!
  • Vehicles no longer require fuel to run.
  • Completely re-designed our shop menu.
  • Pinata now requires 75 votes to spawn.
  • We have updated our store packages and pricing.
  • Brand new and improved coin shop!
  • Reconfigured a lot of different menus and guis.
  • Updated Melon Realm completely. The latest of everything, huge improvements visually and within the backend to run smoothly.

Melon has been a focus of mine, now that we're at a point where Melon is little to no bugs, many improvements and new features.. it's time for Apple! We will be focusing on Apple over the next few weeks to improve and fix it up.

Melon will not be forgotten, but for now, it's in a stable place.

New Staff

Welcome to our newest amazing Staff Members.

  • Slaterooney
  • Kiwi
  • Hylixe
  • Hannah
  • Kozie

Murder Mystery Event

We hosted our first ever event on AppleMC and we loved it!
We'd like to admit, yes, we had some issues and bugs but it was so fun!

We're going to be hosting TONS of more events in the future.. stay tuned.

We are very happy to continue to be growing our team to help support our amazing community. If you'd like to apply just our discord @

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We have many many many other fixes, but it's impossible to list them all here.
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Thank you so much, have an amazing day <3