AppleMC Update Log #1

Apr 4, 2022

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to the first official AppleMC Update Log.
These will be posted frequently to list what's new, changed and removed.

Firstly, of course AppleMC is under new Ownership and Management.
This includes the following changes;

James & Whup


Jamesie & Kaz

We've also brought on some amazing new staff members and developers.

New Changes & Improvements

  • Scoreboard issues have been fixed globally for bedrockers.
  • Bedrock users can now apply to be Staff.
  • Updated server MOTD and configurations.
  • Fixed crate issues.
  • Revamped spawns.
  • Redesigned and improved website and store.
  • Completely overhauled the Discord with many improvements.
  • Released new server rules, safer and friendlier community.
  • Introduced new and improved bots to the Discord.
  • Accepted many new suggestions and many more to come.
  • New ticketing and support system on the Discord.
  • You can now appeal your punishments.
  • Fixed multiple bugs throughout Apple and Melon.
  • Added brand new daily rewards.
  • Fixed vote link #5 not working.
  • Fixed claiming issues.
  • Fixed the coins issue.
  • Added new leaderboards to spawn.
  • Fixed playervaults resetting.
  • Created a Twitter Account.

and much much more.. and more to come!

We hope you're enjoying our new updates and fixes, stay tuned for so much more <3